Minx Charmer – Costa Rica

Meet Our Published Author: Minx Charmer

Minx Charmer

Minx Charmer, aka Kisha Bennett, is a native from the Island of Roatan in the Caribbean, North of Honduras. She loves to write and some of her favorite pastimes include writing, traveling and disc overing new things.
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Joshua Baldwin – UK

Meet Our Published Author: Joshua Baldwin

Joshua Baldwin

Joshua Baldwin aspires to write stories as colourful as his childhood. Born in Ireland in the middle of one of the most difficult periods in that country’s history, Joshua moved to Ethiopia at the age of five and spent the next 11 years eating poisonous berries, chasing monkeys out of his garden, and daydreaming. continue reading »

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Megan Hussey – USA

Meet Our Published Author: Megan Hussey

Megan Hussey

Megan Hussey is a journalist and fiction writer based in Tampa Bay, Florida. A lifelong advocate of women’s rights, she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from LINCS (Family Support Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force) and Sunrise Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center in 2011, for her newspaper coverage of domestic violence issues. continue reading »

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Cindy Evangelista – Canada

Meet Our Published Author: Cindy Evangelista

Cindy EvangelistaCindy Evangelista has been writing her own fantasy fiction ever since reading Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland as a little girl. She chose this genre as it allows her unlimited creative license to write whatever her mind can create. She is inspired by the works of J.K. Rowling and George R.R. Martin.  continue reading »

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Serge Bouchard – Confidentiel, Espagne

Découvrez  Notre Auteur : Serge Bouchard

Serge Bouchard

Serge Bouchard est né au cours du millénaire dernier, à une ère où le poste de télévision et le combiné de téléphone portable n’avaient même pas encore été inventés. Aussi, pour s’amuser et faire passer le temps, il fallait se raconter des blagues. C’est probablement ainsi que lui est venue la vocation. continue reading »

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JM Scott – United States

Meet Our Published Author: JM Scott

JM ScottJM Scott

has been writing for well over 20 years, since she was about ten years old. Thanks to her sixth grade teacher, she discovered her love of creating stories and poems. Sometimes, she would become frustrated with writing but she always found her way back to the art. continue reading »

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Emry Kale Owens – United States

Meet Our Published Author: Emry Kale Owens

Emry Kale OwensEmry Kale Owens spent her life within a small rural community among the rugged hills of Wyoming. Her work has been cited as being ‘truly inspiring’, ‘breathtakingly beautiful’ and ‘raw’.

Emry has numerous publications, including a syndicated biography, that has been seen around the world. The sheer raw humanistic side of her work leaves an impact on the reader that is undefinable. continue reading »

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Katrina DeLallo – United States

Meet Our Published Author: Katrina DeLallo

Katrina DeLallo
Katrina DeLallo enjoys writing fantasy, and finds new story ideas in her hometown in California.

When she’s not working at her regular job, she’s at home, writing new stories and drawing pictures to help herself visualize the setting. She has been published in several anthologies put out by Static Movement, and an article of hers has appeared on Super Teacher Worksheets.

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Jasmine Bowen – Canada

Meet Our Published Author: Jasmine Bowen

Jasmine BowenJasmine Bowen is an accomplished actress living in the heart of Hollywood North. She has performed across the nation on stage, and internationally on television and film, working with Donald Trump, Joe Estevez, U2 and the Black Eyed Peas. She currently hosts ‘The Cache Metals Market Overview’ on AM640, a national station by Corus Entertainment. She has always been inspired in creating characters for audiences on paper, stage and film. continue reading »

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Jean-Louis Saquet – Tahiti, Polynésie française

Découvrez  Notre Auteur : Jean-Louis Saquet

jean-louis saquet

Jean-Louis Saquet est arrivé en bateau à Tahiti en 1970, où il rejoint alors le tout premier éditeur local : Les Éditions du Pacifique, dirigées par Didier Millet.

Par la suite, Jean-Louis s’expatriera temporairement pendant 3 ans à Aix-en-Provence, où il réalisera une collection historique pour la Corse. continue reading »

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