Marketing Tips For Authors

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Tips for marketing your title

The following tips are excerpted with permission, with minor modifications, from The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker. Download the entire Smashwords Book Marketing Guide for free.


Tip #1: Update your email signature

Your email signature is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal, yet few authors take advantage of it. Most of us send emails to dozens if not hundreds of people each week, and each of these people (often friends, family, business associates, fans) represent potential customers for our book. By updating (or creating) an email signature, you’re providing email recipients a low-key, unobtrusive path to discover and purchase your book. Nearly every email program and service allows you to create a single email signature file, usually a simple text file, that then automatically appends to every email you write. For your email signature, add a direct hyperlink to both your author page and maybe even your book pages, so it’s easy for your readers to go straight to your book. Continue reading

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Guide to Punctuation

ebook punctuation

The right punctuation makes your message clear

Punctuation is necessary to clarify the writer’s meaning in a sentence. Punctuation marks are used to indicate a sentence has ended, show the relationships between words and groups of words in a sentence, and set off direct quotations and dialogue.
The punctuation marks that are used to end a sentence are the period, the question mark, and the exclamation mark. Continue reading

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Sample Author Contract

author contract ebook

Here is our sample publishing contract

Here is the sample contract that you will have to sign with our partner Echosign (powered by Adobe), before we can get started with your book.

Please DO NOT download and sign it, the whole process will happen online, and once signed by both parties you will automatically receive your official copy.

This sample is exclusively for information purpose: Continue reading

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Check-List For Our Authors

authors publishing ebook

Welcome to Authors Publishing With Us!

Congratulations for taking this important step in your author’s life, and welcome to authors publishing with us!

We are pleased to count you among our soon-published authors!

In order to make the publication of your book as seamless as possible, we will ask you to provide us all of the following elements. Please make sure you send them all together (and not separately) and double check them all to make sure they have no mistake of any sort. Continue reading

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