Destiny’s Son by Katrina DeLallo


Destiny's Son

‘Destiny’s Son’ is a fantastic tale of a wounded man, pursued by a nameless terror, who finds refuge in a small village. Who is he? He doesn’t know himself… until the Evil finds him again.

Just released.

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Destiny’s Son.  He is man with no name. When he wakes, he has no memory of his name or heritage. All he can recall is a flight through the darkness, pursued by a nameless terror at once familiar and unknown.

Vina, the woman who has taken him in, tends his numerous wounds without question. She calls him Eolas, which in her language means the Forgotten. He accepts the name, for all he has of his past is a sword, a staff fashioned from white wood, and a whorled black stone growing in the palm of his hand.

When he recovers, Eolas makes a life for himself in his adopted village. He has no use for an unremembered past. All that matters to him is the love he feels for Vina, and the love that she returns to him. When they wed, he feels his life is complete.

But his is a past that cannot be forsaken. When he least expects it, the Evil he has let himself forget reappears in his life, and steals those things that make Eolas’ new life worth living: his wife Vina, and the unborn child she bears within her.

Filled with sorrow and remembering that his destiny is one he cannot escape, Eolas takes back his sword and staff. He pursues his destiny into Evil’s lair. There he comes face to face with the past he let himself deny. Admitting to the guilt that caused him to run from his fate, he proclaims before the Evil that he is Destiny’s Son, born to protect the world from the Evil’s wiles. In order to cleanse himself of a sin committed in his boyhood, he sacrifices his very life for Vina, for the unborn babe she bears in her womb, and for the world he was sworn to protect.

Katrina DeLallo

About Katrina DeLallo

Katrina DeLallo enjoys writing fantasy, and finds new story ideas in her hometown in California. When she's not working at her regular job, she's at home, writing new stories and drawing pictures to help herself visualize the setting. She has been published in several anthologies put out by Static Movement, and an article of hers has appeared on Super Teacher Worksheets.
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