Love Bites by Jasmine Bowen


Love Bites

‘Love Bites’ by Jasmine Bowen. A young top model is attracted to a wealthy male old enough to be her father. But he is much oder than she could ever imagine…

Just released.

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Love Bites. Peggy is a teenager; young and beautiful, working as a model overseas. Independent and fiery, and a bit trashy, the last thing she expected was to be swept off her feet by Alexander, the client who hires her. He is everything she is not: classy, in his mid fifties and business-like. Neither them believe in or are looking for a love affair for the ages. Despite all that, sparks fly when they shake hands and neither can shake the other from their minds. One night, a dinner date turns into a late evening, and with the booze flowing, they soon find themselves tumbling into the sheets, a perfect night. But Alexander’s booze soaked brain reveals secrets that changes everything Peggy believes in; everything she knows…

Jasmine Bowen

About Jasmine Bowen

Jasmine Bowen is an accomplished actress living in the heart of Hollywood North. She has performed across the nation on stage, and internationally on television and film, working with Donald Trump, Joe Estevez, U2 and the Black Eyed Peas. She currently hosts ‘The Cache Metals Market Overview’ on AM640, a national station by Corus Entertainment. She has always been inspired in creating characters for audiences on paper, stage and film. Jasmine has published many short stories, and eBooks over the past few years, both online and in hard copy. She currently has a feature length novel on shelves: ‘The Children Will Inherit The Earth’, and book two of the series is due out in mid-2013.
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