Mortal Forever by Jasmine Bowen


Mortal Forever

‘Mortal Forever’ by Jasmine Bowen, a romantic vampire story between a bloodsucker “bad boy” and a girl hit by Leukaemia.

Just released.

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Mortal Forever. Suffering from Leukemia, and eager for extra cash to help pay for her healthcare treatments, Annalise accepts a position to help teach newcomers about culture in small town America. But she soon learns that she was actually chosen for her blood which, infected, is not appetizing to her new clients, who are revealed to be vampires. As she teaches them the ins and outs of Facebook and Twitter, her friendship with Jason, the classic bad-boy, evolves into an intimacy neither of them ever thought they would share. He is strong, powerful and tempted by everything around him, but most of all, it is Annalise who catches his attention and surprises him, leading him to love her just a little more than he should…

Jasmine Bowen

About Jasmine Bowen

Jasmine Bowen is an accomplished actress living in the heart of Hollywood North. She has performed across the nation on stage, and internationally on television and film, working with Donald Trump, Joe Estevez, U2 and the Black Eyed Peas. She currently hosts ‘The Cache Metals Market Overview’ on AM640, a national station by Corus Entertainment. She has always been inspired in creating characters for audiences on paper, stage and film. Jasmine has published many short stories, and eBooks over the past few years, both online and in hard copy. She currently has a feature length novel on shelves: ‘The Children Will Inherit The Earth’, and book two of the series is due out in mid-2013.
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